Module 2.1

The numinous effect and the process of self-actualisation



  1. The importance of energy in the pursuit of sacred space studies
  2. What is energy functioning?
  3. The energetically developed human being
  4. The energetic being of the Earth
  5. Energetic development and sacred spaces
  6. How do we achieve energetic development?

1- The importance of Energy in sacred space studies 

Energy is at the root of sacred space work. It is everything. 
At the beginning of the sacred space practise almost 20000 years ago, the people who were to build the temples were chosen for their level of consciousness, personal development and connection to the higher sources. 
The same is true today. 
The energetic development of a sacred space designer will allow him/her to make decisions that will create sacred spaces more effectively, and also create spaces that are more impactful. 
When we develop our sacred nature, everything we create is sacred, including sacred spaces. 
The principles become more innate, and a new connection to a deep intelligence is unlocked. What we create is deeply intelligent spaces. 

2-  What is energy functioning?

The human being is an aggregate of an energy field which is connected to everything in existence.
Quantum physics has shown that nothing is completely solid, everything is energy.
Energy is therefore the engine that drives everything, including our consciousness.
It can influence us and we can influence it.

What this also means is that everything is constantly changing, everything is made of the same element, and everything is interconnected as one.
We all come from the same source: undifferentiated light.

Buddha himself was famous for speaking of us as energy beings and simply a collection of oscillating atoms which shift with awareness and consciousness. The Buddhist philosophy is very much anchored in the idea that our thoughts can shift our reality.

It took hundreds of years for science to catch up, but it was (much later) proven by quantum physicists that we, as well as everything around us, are indeed energy. If we are energy, the energy needs to originate from somewhere and circulate for our living organisms to stay alive and healthy.

This means that anything we want to transform in our lives is energy as well.
Therefore by expanding our energetic capabilities, we gain more transformative power and access a more expanded version of ourselves.

The work of Sacred Space aims to heal, transform and enable growth by reconnecting us to the source of all, the great expanse of the universe, the undifferentiated light.

The Taoists and Feng Shui practitioners call it “Heaven on Earth”.

As the source is where everything originates, it is a place where the strongest and most developed energetic frequencies are found. As human beings were created by source, when we allow ourselves to function with the same energetic capabilities as source, we gain access to our ultimate power, to our original being.

When Human beings arrived on this planet, they were beings of Source, connected to their highest potential, and with time, that connection faded as we slowly constructed a world which was less aligned to it.

Our universe is a tiered system composed of many dimensions and plains: 5 plains and 20 dimensions.
There are many opinions about how many dimensions and plains exist, but that is actually irrelevant.
It is simply important is to know that there is the dimension in which source operates which is the most highly developed, and there is the dimension in which most human beings operate, the dimension of the material world, the world of form, known as the 1st dimension of the 1st plain.
The most effective way to enable deep healing and transformation in the 1st plain, the world of form, is to access further dimensions, closer to source, in order to affect them where they first were created. These are the dimensions of creation which we are able to access.
Hence the marriage of the two, Heaven and Earth, Source and form.

4- The Energetic being of the Earth

Like the human being, the Earth has two parts, an energetic body, or consciousness and a physical body, Earth being. The two connect through the energetic lines which cross along the surface of the Earth.

These are called ley lines or telluric currents. They are pathways of electromagnetic force that criss-cross the earth. Today, these can be measured through dousing and by using magnometers.

Wherever these energy paths flow or intersect on the land, we find what is called a powerspot, or energy hotspot, referred to by ancient civilisations as Fawn who would mark these sites because they allowed them direct contact with subtle realms. Repeated exposure to hot spots builds up a numinous state of mind in the individual. These are power places that help enlighten the individual and where the greater good of the community is served. Influences the mind creativity, elevating personal power and attunes spiritually raises resonance and creates a numinous state of mind, going to hotspots allows us to pray for the people who we want to send healing to.

They provide a connection with the great spirit

Temples were erected there first to mark these spots and magnify and intensify these frequencies. Every ancient sacred site, without exception, is placed at these crossroads, and for thousands of years pilgrims have sought these vital energies for healing and illumination.

Some proof:

Dr Ernst Hartmann, an expert in Geobiology, discovered a woven electromagnetic grid over the entire face of the globe, each line 9 inches thick and spaced at intervals of 6'6 feet and 8 feet.
He firmly believed that depending on where we lived in relationship to thse Earth’s grid, our wellbeing would be affected.

More recently NASA has now published reports confirming that there are energetic portals existing on the planet which open every 8 minutes and connect us to other realms.

5. Energetic development and Sacred Spaces.

These man made temples were built as microcosms of the macrocosm created based on universal laws designed with the purpose of mirroring images of the essence of the order of the universe

Like temples, our homes can become portals to the highest divine wisdom of the universe helping us reach higher levels of awareness.


  • Living in a sacred space will:
  • Affect our resonance and frequency
  • Create an intensification of an energy field
  • Create a context where their being can have more awareness
  • Creating a context that supports the being in Waking up
  • Realisation.
  • Actualisation
  • Preparing then to become aware of more subtle things
  • Provide a context for the being to be more aware
  • The whole being is activated and awakened
  • They become examples to others therefore helping to raise the levels of awareness of others and maintaining societies in balance .
  • Facilitate enlightenment and bring the potential of paradise ever closer to the individual and communal body
  • They provide guidance in daily ritual and instruction of proper conduct of human affairs.
  • Influences the mind creativity
  • Elevate personal power and attunes spiritually raises resonance and creates a numinous state of mind

In Feng SHui:


The chinese word Qi is the word for energy, expressing the complex natural force generated by a combination of both real and abstract sources, ie sunlight, cosmic influences, colour vibrations, the movement and quality of the air around us, the flow of water, the nature of our thoughts and emotions, the form of objects, and so much more. Qi, energy, influences how a place feels and how we feel in it, depending on whether it can circulate harmoniously or not. As in the broader field of the Alchemy of Space, energy is the ultimate core principle of the practise and the success of the practise relies on its balance.



3. The energetically developed Human being

The human being fundamentally has two parts, a consciousness, also known as soul, and a physical body. The soul is the part which has the ability to connect to source and to the infinite power of the universe. Enlightenment happens when the physical body and the soul become integrated and the duality gets dissolved.

Every human being has the potential of reaching the most developed level of energetic frequency, that of Source.

People like Buddha, Jesus and a few others have functioned at the same frequency as Source while existing on our planet.  Other people have also been known to function at highly developed frequencies which are very close to source, these people are usually Tibetan Lamas, Shamen, and other types of healers.
They achieve such levels either because they had achieved it in a past life or because they trained and worked to develop these capabilities in this lifetime, again, this is available to everyone who is interested in undertaking a path to find it.
As we develop energetically, we forget everything that has interfered with the expression of our divinity and we begin to transform. We begin to behave as walking power spots, fields of intense energy frequency having deep impact on others and allowing for the appearance of miracles around us. 

This means that by developing our energetic capabilities, we can all begin to have a deeper impact on the world around us.

Our energetic body:

What we call a "being" is actually a deeply intelligent, geometrically arranged, oscillating energetic system composed of cells, molecules and atoms. When this oscillating system comes in contact with another oscillating system, it begins to vibrate in a similar way.

It has been proven that our bodies are far from being mere series of chemical interactions. We are made of particles of energy. We are walking electromagnetic edifices sensitive to minute fluctuations in the local electro magnetic field.

As we are composed of energy, we also have energy patterns, structures, and functions and in this case the communication, transformation and healing simply come from accessing energetic capabilities from other dimensions or from "the other side" as I like to call it. The "further out" we get our "information" the closer our capabilities are to those of source and the more we can bring transformation to our lives.


The influence of the energy of a space on the body and it's 72% content of water is immediate, as demonstrated by renowned Dr Masuro Emoto who famously experimented with water to prove the shaping impact of intention on our beings.

In his studies, he exposed water to thoughts, words and music and studied the effects.

When the water was exposed to harsher energies, such as hateful words, heavy metal music, etc, the water crystals which were observed were asymmetrical, unattractive and appeared damaged. When exposed to loving and compassionate words, or heartful music, they formed beautiful, symmetrical and balanced crystals.


Even more interestingly, when the water was completely abandoned, with no interaction whatsoever, the crystals were formed in their worst shape.


The images below indicate water crystals impacted by love and compassion and gratitude, and water crystals impacted by heavy metal music.

Emoto's books sold over 400,000 copies across the world and his work was was considered ground-breaking as it demonstrated that our intent, emotions, thoughts and words are energy and that they impact our beings in profound ways, affecting our water bodies.


“Half of the earth is water; our body is three-quarters water. Water represents the interface between the dimension in which we live and the dimensional sphere of our soul.”

-Dr Emoto

The Human skeleton , bone, is a crystalline structure through which flows an energetic charge

Magnetism affects our being because of the iron existing in our blood, the magnetism of the magnetite will activate a resonance .. like a magnet.  Substantial amounts of biogenetic particles of magnetite are found in brain tissue and the cerebral cortex. These allow us to detect the earth's magnetic fields

Magnetic stimulations of the brain can induce dreamlike states even in waking consciousness. Telluric energies affect our pineal glands Affecting the production of pinoline and seratonin, creating a hallucinogen called DMT. 

This is where we experience shamanic or psychic states

6. How do we achieve energetic development

1- by beginning to understand our energetic body
2- Through dousing
3- by merging with energy frequencies which are more highly developed than our own
         Numinous effects from sacred spaces and power spots
4- by understanding our kharma and transmuting it
5- by living our highest purpose
6- Daily practise

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