Fun and easy to follow, these tips are a low-commitment and cost-effective way to trial the concept of sacred spaces. They can either be used on their own, as a prelude to taking bigger steps, or for continued maintenance. 

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Every time you come home, run around sweeping and tidying for 5 minutes (timer on), as if a really important guest is about to arrive. In Feng Shui, the energy of a space is called CHI, and it’s a good idea to welcome it as if it were a guest. When CHI is flowing, everything will be in balance and the right things will be drawn into your life. 

Don’t forget, YOU are also the most important guest in your home. Tidying up for your own arrival is a sign of self-love and self-respect.. two HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIVE forces… 

Go on then.

Grab a broom and enjoy.



Programming our spatial energy is a key part of developing the sacred nature of a space. 
In tip 5, we explore an easy way to create an aligned flow in any space. And remember, this will bring you closer to attracting joy, prosperity, love and all that other deliciousness. :)
Let's go... 

Grab a compass (your smartphone one will do) and figure out the cardinal points of your home (north, south, east, west) 

On the floor closest to the ground place the following elements in their respective corners to create alignment. 
A feather and/or an incense burner. 

A candle that you can light at least sporadically... 

A crystal and/or a plant, an art element. 

WEST CORNER: A bowl of water. 

Leave these items in those corners for 7 days and notice the difference in the feel of your space. 
Remember that everything is energy. So alignment is key to attracting more things that are aligned. 



Captura de pantalla 2016-10-24 a las 17.36.38.png

No 2:
What comes up when you read the word CLUTTER? Perhaps you are thinking “Me? No…” Or perhaps you’re just very good at keeping it out of sight, out of mind? I am not talking about mess… I am talking about those piles of clothes at the back of the closet that still have the label on, which will never be used… or those unused gifts from loved ones under the bed we keep only out of sheer guilt. In my case, I was holding on to 5 massive suitcases stored above my kitchen cupboards, just "in case I'll need that many some day" until a very honest friend kindly noted the un-fengshui nature of them. So beyond just temporarily affecting our mood, clutter has massive impact on our lives.Everything we keep in our home holds an energetic vibration. Holding on to things we don’t use creates static Chi (chi is energy in feng shui). “Holding on” carries an energy of scarcity, fear, and a sense that there “isn’t enough” and when we put that energy out in the world it reflects back in patterns that surround us, be it in Romance, money, career etc. So if, perhaps in romance, you are always meeting great people but it never seems to “land” or turn into what you want? Or perhaps you always have just enough money to get by, but never feel like you are tapping into the REAL abundance of life? Or the boss keeps promising you that promotion that never materialises because of a series of circumstances beyond your control?This could be for various reasons, but it's probable the chi isn’t flowing freely around you. If you hold on to things you don't need in the physical world, that also manifests in the emotional world as well... Hmmmm not great. But a simple reprogramming can allow everything to align in exquisite balance, after which all the right things will begin to be drawn to us and everything else (clutter perhaps?) falls away. Money? Romance? Connection? YES PLEASE! And a BIG FAT YES to "LETTING GO"! Enjoy.

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-24 a las 17.36.12.png

No 3: 
Tip no 2 was about clearing clutter, and letting go of things we don’t need making space for the things we do… Today we add a new element. To make sure we are letting the energy of renewal and abundance flow through our space, its a good idea to SELL the things we don’t need, rather than throw them out (which would also be unsustainable). There are many easy-to-use apps such as Wallapop (Spain) and Shpock (UK) which are location-based, allowing you to easily sell unused items to buyers in your neighborhood. Not only is it sustainable, but it is also a sign of how much you value the items you own, even if you don’t want them anymore... That appreciation will be a highly attractive force, and the universe will send more gifts your way, knowing you will value them as well. Another step towards creating abundance! :) So why not sell the items you don’t need and use the money to buy things that will nurture your home. In my case, I sold 2 suitcases and a fan using Wallapop and used the money to buy two new indoor plants and 3 mini Hawaiian palm trees, nurturing a sense of adventure, exoticism and deep grounding in my home! A fun and easy way to bring a new energy flow through your home. ENJOY!


Map your way to abundance and prosperity through your physical space.
Check out my detailed tip here.

No 4:
In tips 2 and 3, we talked about de-cluttering to create a good energy flow in your space. While doing so, you will probably find some objects that you never interact with but that are super important to you. Don’t be ruthless! Save those objects and cherish them by putting them in a special box that can become the energetic heart of your home. And remember to open it and connect with it regularly, maybe once per month. When doing so, try not too get to “heady” wallowing in memories, but more focusing on how their energy feels.

No 7:

While you are out of the house, find an element of nature, or a specific landscape which resonates deeply. It could be the sun, a blue sky, a tree, or even the rain. Take a few minutes to connect to the energy of this element. Perhaps it is an energy that you feel would be beneficial to have in your home? Perhaps, if you are like me and you quite fancy getting your kit off and running into the sea under the radiating sun, perhaps its the sense of infinite nurture, unconditional love, freedom, and a sense of washing away of clutter and worry, that you particularly resonate with? Or if there is a particular tree you like in the park, perhaps its the grounded-ness, stability and sense of deep wisdom you are after? Now think of how it would feel to have that energy around you all day long in your home? Nice huh? So while connecting with that experience, imagine your Being soaking up that energy, storing it as if in a container, and  when you get home, exhale and radiate that energy in your space. One more tip: the left hand tends to receive energy and the right hand tends to emit it. So when soaking it in, hold you left hand up and imagine the energy is going into it and up to your heart. When breathing it out, imagine it going from your heart, out of your right hand and into your space. Enjoy!

Did you know that using blue and wooden materials in the right areas can help enable prosperity? What colours symbolise love, compassion? Which ones help us in our quest to enlightenment?

Up for a drink on Saturday night?
How about a karmic hot chocolate ?
Mix 2 teaspoons of pure, good quality, cocoa powder with 100ml boiling water. Add 2 teaspoons of honey and 150ml of frothy or heated rice milk.
For best results, drink in sustainable terracotta cup made by Moroccan artisans, while seated on a Danish midcentury sofa, restored by ex-gangmembers using sustainable fabrics.
Tibetan singing bowl ceremony .. optional.

No 6:

One of the most important things we can do to create our sacred space is simply sit and meditate in our home. As we have already established, our physical spaces are extensions of ourselves. The most efficient way to bring balance to our space is to be mindful of ourselves in it. So often we are rushing around, trying to do too many things, avoiding doing certain things. Whatever it is I am doing, over-doing, or avoiding doing, I try to take a moment to stop and center myself. When I find my center I try to hold myself there as I experience my space. Bottom line is simple: Give yourself space, and meditate. In whatever form it may take, an app, a video, or simply by focusing on your breath at the tip of your nostrils. For some people, meditating could be just sitting still, not looking at your phone, tablet or book for a few minutes. That is a great place to start. Then notice how different your space feels. Enjoy.

No 8:

Number 8 represents the infinite, meaning its a great number to represent prosperity. 

So I wanted make this a quick tip to attract prosperity in your home and life. 

Choose a corner of your home that you will dedicate to wealth and prosperity. 

It could be any space that you feel intuitively right, or you can follow the feng shui principles. 

In Feng Shui, your wealth and blessings area is the far left corner of your home, (standing your back to the front door), ideally on the ground floor.In this area, place something that symbolizes infinite abundance for you. It could be many things, but in my case, I like to keep a glass bowl with fresh flowers that fall from a tree near my home. As they fall freely and share such a sweet smell, it always reminds me how such beautiful things are constantly available for us at no cost. Another great idea is to choose a golden object, such as these lovely "Forbidden lakes" plates by studio Noam Dover. Otherwise, a bank note from a third world currency, for example the Mongolian to Togrog, will often make you feel abundant as you can easily keep bills of 500 or 1000 around at very little cost. Remember, sacred spaces are our gateway to joy, abundance and deep connection. Enjoy! 

Did you know that the word entrance originated, in 1590's, from the words 'en' 'trance', therefore to "take someone into a trance"? It first came from temples and sacred spaces, as entering them was meant to put us in an altered, higher state of consciousness: a "trance". So when building your own temple, consider how you feel when you are entering it? And then how do you want to be feeling?
Perhaps calm, connected and easily able to find peace?
Keep the entrance clear of clutter.
Choose a calming colour which supports spiritual growth, like this light pink/purple pictured.
And finally add one main detail of your choice .
This casual Buddha statue, for instance, is just screaming... (Err well maybe whispering...) "Welcome home.

When designing the first hotel room of the Library private members' club, I used a memory of a desert landscape to inspire the colour board.
The key to creating sacred spaces lies in connecting us to the natural forces of creation, for that is our real home.
We can bring this into design by bringing in elements and cues of moments of paralysing beauty in nature.
Get in touch to know more about how to choose the right colours for your space!


Sacred Transformative Workspace.
For those of you who think "I just can't work from home.." maybe we need to have a look at your workspace.
Here is a quick pic of the space I use as an office within my living room.
I always sit facing the doorway (just out of picture on the far right). I used a light blue shade for the walls as blue is a very yang masculine colour and light colours are also yang as they represent daytime. Yang energy is the energy of creation and manifestation which is what is needed in the space.
I also used some gold tones in accessories as that represents wealth.
I used round shapes for the wall shelf and the work table for many reasons. First, semiotically the circular shapes remind our brains of wheels on a car. This brings forth a reminder of something moves and that is active.
They also remind me of the sun and the earth meeting, a symbol of the original divine creation.
In feng shui, circular shapes allow energy to flow in a space as it doesn't get caught in corners.
I also chose this area because it's near a large terrace door with lots of natural sunlight coming in. Again, yang energy of creation.
I dressed the space with plants with big leaves, which again represents the energy of wealth and growth and chose flowers in the shape of pentagons which is the energy of divine feminine creativity, fertility and gratitude.
What you can't see on this image is that I used crystals to create a pentagon-shaped temple of creative energy around me.
There are two entrances to the room, one facing an energy flow of ancestral knowledge and wisdom and the other gratitude and fertility and growth, this creates a vortex.
Now some of you may notice that you work better in a cafe than at home. That's because of the white noise of a cafe which keeps your left brain busy allowing your right brain (creativity) to flow freely.
You can recreate this at home using certain types of music.
For those of us that are hard core sacred spacers, you can use Gregorian chants, I also like to use the heartful music of Jean-Sebastian Bach or chakra-activating music.