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As a concept, money often holds our darkest shadow in which can lurk deep programming and emotionality of fear, shame, guilt, self-hatred and more. These darker areas are often the most fertile ground for our explorations, holding the key to our full expansion. Our relationship to money can become a spiritual process through which we can reach equanimity and expansion towards authentic abundance.




"Money doesn't grow on trees" they say. 
Our cultural context has created a reality in which money is often associated to pain, fear, suffering, angst, etc. 
These frequency patterns get embedded in our individual fields and affect our potentiality for exploring the authentic truth around prosperity and wealth: We all are born with an uncontested divine birthright of prosperity.  

A battlefield of shame, despair, rejection and fear, our relationship to money has therefore become a potent field for the exploration of our shadow being. 

It is through the exploration of our shadow that we find ourselves guided to ascension and living from the highest expression of ourselves. 


how to begin shifting
into authentic abundance


Beginning to shift our relationship to money starts with understanding its energetic nature. 
Money, like everything else, is a manifestation of a vibration. 
It is love, it is power, it is strength, beauty, talent, gratitude, trust freedom and appreciation.
Our gateway to abundance lies in our embodiment of it.  A journey to deep wisdom begins with the collapsing of our cultural belief systems, the questioning of our personal ancestral patterns, a recognition of our personal talent, of our beauty and value, our value, unlocking a sense of unconditional love for yourself and achieving a sense of equanimity and trust in the powers of the Universe. 

Through courses and 1-1 sessions, an alchemical process begins through which age-old patterns can begin the unravelling of constructs and the revealing of the beauty of the present moment which is waiting to be experienced by you.  



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