Energy merging is a simple process which will help you develop your energetic capabilities.
These sessions are 45 minutes.



As energetic beings, we are living constantly in a state of movement and change.
In this context, an ability to transform our selves and live a better life is constantly available to us.
Our energetic field holds programmes and codes which inhibit us from living our most expanded state.
When this field comes into connection and contact with a more developed field, new abailities which are dormant awaken in us, a new deep knowing activates, and a new form of information becomes available to us.
Energetic development is one of the most efficient ways to reach our highest potential and transform everything around us.
And a most efficient way to develop energetically is through energetic merging.
In an energetic merging sessions, two fields come together as one. In the space, the abilities which are available to one, become available to both. Repeated connection via sessions allows more abilities to be developed and this development to sustain, allowing us to unlock our own personal practises which will continue this path for us.
It has been proven by the institute of Noetic Sciences in the US that a person’s energy field will develop when in contact with the field of a teacher or someone who has reached a developed state.
Through my work with shamen such as Kenneth Ray Stubbs, by teacher Christian Kiriacou, my time sitting and connecting on sacred sites of this planet, I have developed the ability to enable this shift with clients.
A session lasts 45 minutes, and it is recommended to do it on an empty stomach, fully hydrated, having not consumed any alcohol within 24 hours before, leave some space to ground and integrate after to make sure to take note of your dreams the night after the session.