Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Kenneth Ray Stubbs


Kenneth is a shaman based in Tuscon Arizona. His path started with tantric erotic massage, where he first got an understanding of the concept of energy, and transformative healing. He sought wisdom from metaphysical teachers, a Tibetan Buddhist lama and a chinese taoist scholar. Years later, he has developed his own training and crystal whispering practice which have now evolved to space whispering. 



by Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Whispered Spaces is an evolution of crystal whispering I discovered I had a few years ago, by placing a Whispered Crystal in a specific energetic focal area of any structure: a room, a house, an apartment, a condo, or a public space of any kind such as an office, a gallery, a concert hall, a restaurant, a yoga studio, and more.

We start with the current form of the building and with the Earth energetic patterns below the structure. Connecting with the person who is responsible for the space, the whispering takes place as a meditative, energetic process that increases and balances the vibrational levels in that space.

Once the process is complete,  a Whispered Crystal will be sent to the space, to be placed in an appropriate location, in order to accelerate and harmonize the functioning of the vibrational patterns.
The principal resulting benefits are  enhanced creativity and greater physical-mental-emotional-spiritual well-being for the people within, as well as the plants and animals.Other reported benefits include: 

  • increased energy and inspiration
  • ability to explore outside of personally limiting, status quo “comfort zones”
  • turning around an unsuccessful business situation
  • gained courage to leave a current professional situation and move on to a more fruitful pursuit
  • greater problem-solving abilities and reflexes
  • end of addiction patterns,  excessive drinking etc. 
  • increased motivational patterns towards work
  • stronger feelings of intimacy and enhanced sensual-sexual expression
  • deeper meditations