-Marc Peridis, Higher Ground (Pamono)

  I remember at the ripe age of four, ripping through design and furniture catalogs... 

I remember at the ripe age of four, ripping through design and furniture catalogs... 

I remember at the ripe age of four, ripping through furniture catalogs and running around placing pictures of the pieces where I thought they should go.

I was a natural born interior designer.

Yet, being born in Canada from Middle-Eastern parents, my cultural context led me to pursue more traditional fields. I studied law, science, business, even mathematics... But the seed had been planted yet and the universe would have its way, as a path of self-instruction led me to run a design studio, overseeing the completion of over 500 projects from Houston to Shanghai, Sao Paulo to Dubai, for clients such as Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and L’Oreal.

A series of uncommon circumstances led me to create 19 greek street, a 6-floor victorian townhouse-turn-gallery, committed to sustainable lifestyle. 

Taking a break from London life, I embarked on a journey which spanned Nepal, Barcelona, Liberia, Mongolia, and then remote parts of Brazil. I set off to explore a different part of myself, one far away from my habitual daily life.    

I discovered in myself a desire to connect to the human spirit. First my own, and then others. 

A series of bizarre encounters in various above mentioned locations led me to uncover, in myself,  Shamanic abilities waiting to be developed and explored. 

After various experiences, pilgrimages, missions, retreats, I embarked on a  shamanic transformation training with Arizona based teacher Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

Simply put, the work aims to develop transformative abilities, of ourselves and of others, by developing our energetic capabilities and allowing us to function at a higher level of intensity. The higher level of intensity we are functioning from, the more transformation we can have. 

As a result, one's life is transformed, and a capability to bring a shaping energy of intention and manifestation to the outside world is enabled. 

So I made the decision to channel this knowledge to the field of Interior design, by developing the Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces, a new philosophy uniting Aesthetics, Sustainability, Spatial Energy and Intention to support personal growth in transformation to people's lives. 

I understood very quickly, that if shaman or any esoteric practitioner could bring transformation to someone's life, an "intentionally designed" space could as well. If a shaman could become a writer of environments, they too could also deliver on a promise of abundance, joy, and a sense of connection to purpose.

The world is awakening to a new level of global consciousness, it must be nurtured and cultivated. Spaces such as yoga studios, organic restaurants, hotels, retreat centers, spas and even private homes, should become havens for human beings to awaken to their most honorable selves. Indeed, our world needs more temples.

Not for worship, but for eating, sleeping, working and making love.